A Guide to Engagement Rings
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Welcome to the Engagement Rings website.

You have come to that point in your life — you will finally ask the woman of your dreams to spend the rest of her life with you. You’ve got it all planned out – a romantic but unexpected setting, a well-rehearsed speech, and of course, that lovely ring. If you are not quite sure which type of engagement rings to choose from, then let us guide you through buying this very special ring. There are many different types to choose from, with solitaire engagement rings especially platinum engagement rings being the most popular.

What should you know about diamond engagement rings beforehand?

First things first — be educated. Know how to buy quality jewellery. Know the industry standards and have a very clear set of requirements. Remember that the ring is not only a financial investment but an emotional one as well, so plan its purchase like you would plan buying a car or a house.

So, what are the basic things you should know when buying diamond engagement rings? If you are interested in purchasing a diamond, you need to understand the four C’s with which the quality of the stone is measured. The four C’s stand for cut, colour, clarity and carat – four very basic but essential things you should examine when choosing a good diamond. You also need to decide on the setting and metal options. Make sure you understand the basic jewelry terminologies to avoid any misunderstanding and to avoid disappointment. To help learn more we suggest that you watch this informative video and then refer to the relevant pages on this website.

What type of rings does your future wife like?

Before doing your shopping, make sure that you know your bride’s preference, as this is the most important deciding factor. There are many ways to get this information even if you want to keep your proposal a secret. You could observe what type of jewelry your partner constantly wears. This will give you an idea of their taste and preference. You may also ask around some friends and family if you trust them enough not to spill the beans. Some couples, on the other hand look at engagement rings together before the man makes the final purchase. This would ensure that your fiancé gets exactly the ring she wants, but takes away that certain element of surprise.

How much should you spend on engagement rings?

Another essential part of buying this special ring is your budget. Know how to limit yourself and set a strict boundary, as you would not want to spend all your life savings on a single purchase. Be vigilant and set some limitations when buying the ring. Remember that while a ring is important, it is only a symbol of your true love. It is your commitment and love for each other that really guarantees a happy relationship.

Where should you buy diamond rings?

Lastly, be careful in choosing a jeweler. Choose one that has a good reputation, and one that you could truly trust. Also, make sure that the company has adequate warranty and repair policies so when something comes up in the future, you are insured. Engagement rings are big investments, so be careful in your decisions. For further information please visit our Buyers Guide section or for a summary read our Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring Quick Guide.

Your proposal is the start of a great milestone in your life, so try making it as remarkable as possible. Moments like these only come once (hopefully!), so make the best of it. Good luck!

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